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Mahle Independently Develops the Latest Technology¡ª¡ª Lead-free Bearing Systems

Release time : 2017-12-29 02:34:46
Mahle have recently been developed their latest engine components system. This is a daring attempt in the industry, also is an innovative lead-free bearing system. This high-tech technology combines highly innovative polymer coating and heavy large Lead engine bearing lead-free bearing pads. During engine testing, Mahle found that the new bearing system performing better than bearings with lead-included gaskets. James George, director of product technology at Mahle in the UK, said polymer technology is already well established technique in using of both light and medium-sized vehicles. A series of changes that have taken place in the bearings' operating conditions and market demands, therefore heavy-duty trucks need new technologies as well. Nowadays many drivers are going to use the new low-viscosity oil, in order to improve fuel economy and efficiency. Researches by Mahle also demonstrated that the company's polymer-coated bearings are more resistant to wear and fatigue when compared to lead-free bearings with electroplated coatings. Those bearing customers did a systematic test on the crankshaft, spindle and connecting rod with new polymer coating. The results shows that their performance is clearly better than the ordinary electroplating lead bearing. However, in addition to performance, Mahle's polymer coatings perform well in other areas. The wires are removed from the bearings which enhanced their corrosion resistance, which allows to extend the drain interval. From an environmental point of view, lead-free bearings are more secure and easier to handle. Overall, industry tests have shown that the new bearing system will significantly reduce the cost for all operators later.