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Bearing Steel Of Xinyegang Steel Company Leads The Hubei Market

Release time : 2015-06-16 08:01:50
On Jan. 27th, the reporter learned from the bearing steel market of Wuhan and Huanshi that the bearing steel of Xinyegang Steel co., Ltd. leads the Hubei market. Because of the price of Xinyegang steel was increased, the market price of bearing steel rose in the steady state and some types of steel were out of stock. Xinyegang Company is the top 500 enterprise in China and is one of the bearing steel enterprises which can supply the steel with most complete types and specifications. It has the medium wall seamless steel tubes base which can supply the steel tubes of the most complete specifications and the largest diameter, and alloy round bar base. The main products of the company include bearing steel and gear steel, etc. The products are exported to 30 countries and regions like Europe, American and Southeast Asia area, etc. the products they developed like quasi-high speed railway bearing steel have hold the main market share in China bearing steel market. Therefore, its bearing steel always leads the Hubei market. The sales of its products are much higher than the bearing steel enterprises outside Hubei, such as Xining Special Steel, etc. At the beginning of the new year, The market price of bearing steel keep rising in the steady state, which has much relationship with the price adjustment of Xinyegang steel. Recently, Xiyegang adjusted the price again, and the EXW price of continuous casting non-annealed steel is 4,950 yuan/ton. Judging from the sales in recent two days, the price of GCR15 annealed steel and continuous rolled steel of Xinyegang Steel was about 5,600yuan/ton. The price of die-casting steel was 6,450 yuan/ton. Some distributors analyzed that the price of bearing steel in Hubei market will keep steady around the Spring Festival.