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Bearing Sales Summary

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:08:05
I am a bearing salesman. I have done sales for two months, but I have not got any result. Bearing industry is different from the industry of buildings and jewels. The nature of it is that if you have your first financial result, you will get more. As a bearing salesman, it is a fatal blow that you have not got any performance. It is the same as the phenomenon that some officials do not make any mistake and have done nothing as well, which is actually a kind of corruption and waste. Then isn't salesman best for me. If not, why I have not any performance? According to most people's views, sales smarts are very important for a successful salesman. For example, some people are talkative by nature, quick in action. It is easy for them to persuade others when they communicate with others. And also they have high affinity and make friends with people who have different personalities. So they have an advantage in sales. These kinds of people are quite confident and motivated in the pursuit of success. On the other hand if they are resistant to attack and endure their pressure, it is more suitable for them to do sales even though they may be introverted and weak. From my point, we cannot deny these people who have not enough sales talent. They also have performance so long as they love this industry and work on it with all their hearts. When I calm down and reflect on my own problems, I realize all these problems is not objective factors. My own lack will be exposed when I do not complain and check my own mood. The obvious question is the problem of tracking orders. I stay at the work of quoting. I think that customers are disgusted with following up orders. It is actually a foolish thought. Following up orders is not to urge customers to place orders. On the contrary, it is a kind of care for customers' conditions. If we do not contain timely communication with customers, we do not know their demands and we cannot resolve their problems. We cannot have deals with them when we cannot resolve their problems. This makes me realize that I simply wait when I have quoted. We will not have opportunities without any effort. Certainly, we should deal with the means of communication properly in the period of following up orders. The result of it will turn out to be the opposite of our wish if we urge customers to place orders. The objective of sales is to solve problems, the product problems, price problems and all of other problems. When all these problems are solved, it is natural to get orders. Therefore, we should think the problems from the customers' perspective. Through this reflection, I find that all kinds of problems exist in the sales process. Sales are not messy affairs and words alone cannot solve all problems. The sales job can be subdivided into different links. We need do this job step by step. When we do better in every aspect, the reasons of success or failure of every order will come into view. We cannot do sales well if we make a mess of things. We will get good results as long as we are confident, passionate, diligent and sincere. We will be a successful salesman if we do these things well, which seem simple but are huge missions when we do them. This experience is dedicated to confused people who I was once like. Changing ourselves is from the start that we overcome our laziness, such as, keeping running every morning, listening to songs Life in Blossom by Wang Feng and I Believe by Yang Pei an. Passion can also be fostered .