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Bearing Model Not Just Numbers

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:21:03
I have made an inventory of bearings in the warehouse for nearly one month and have a better understanding of bearing models. One different number will be a totally different bearing. I'll share what I have learned with you. At the beginning, I think we can put one kind of bearing together. When I prepare to put them together, a worker point out my mistake. She says that even though these bearings belong to one type, they have different clearance. The clearance can affect friction and bearing service life. We should put them separately. We provide specific bearing for customers according to their requirements. Then I encounter some new words, such as oil and grease added to bearing and different materials. There are AV2 oil, 12#oil, 2#oil and so on. Though oil and grease added to bearing can both have effects of lubrication and prolong life, they have big difference. Generally speaking, lubricating oil is applicable to medium and high speed bearings. Furthermore it has better cooling effect and can also cycle and is easy to filter out impurities. Compared with lubricating oil, lubricating grease's service life is shorter and is applicable to low speed bearing. In addition to these, it also doesn't have cooling effect and is not easy to filter out impurities. So when we choose lubricant, we should accord to bearing models. Apart from these, I also encounter some other codes representing bearing models, such as EE representing inner ring out, DF, DB and DT representing installation pairing way of angular contact ball bearings. There are still other codes representing retainer, for example CA representing brass retainer, CD representing punching retainer. There are still many other bearing codes which like people's names and we can easily distinguish them. It's my great honor to share what I have learned with you.