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Quitea Mixed Bearing Market, the Selection of High-quality Bearingsis Alsoa Very Deep Knowledge

Release time : 2017-08-18 02:23:10
First talk about what is the bearing, the bearing is in the machinery, play a role in reducing friction, so the bearing accuracy, noise are directly related to the mechanical life. Bearing a wide range of types, so the quality of the bearing should also do some analysis. But also to have a better understanding of the bearing. Bearing the choice is also a lot of choices, and the first is the most basic is the choice of models above, although this is the most simple, but it is precisely the most elegant. Bearing models are generally technical staff according to the matching products to choose. Mainly to determine the actual load can be consistent with the selected bearings, if not to the requirements, it should be another choice, to avoid unnecessary loss of late fortune. So how to judge the quality of the bearing good and bad? Through those manifestations and look to make a screening. The first is to look at the surface is not a turbid oil traces, because the domestic anti-rust technology is not particularly led, so the anti-rust treatment when the bearings will leave a very thick track, on the very sticky Thick, but foreign bearings do not see anti-rust oil, so the purchase should pay special attention. The second is to see the steel seal is not clear, in the micro-bearing body will generally be printed on the brand words, labels and so on. The font is very small, but most of the factory will use the production of stamping technology, are not heat treatment, the font looks very small, but attracted very little, fake bearings are relatively shallow and rough. The third will depend on the bearing is not a noise, left hand holding the inner sleeve of the bearing, and then the right hand to let her rotate, and then listen to the sound is not sound. As most of the counterfeit parts are relatively backward parts, completely hand workshop to create, so in the production process will inevitably be mixed with some fools, in the bearing body will sound.