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The Importance of Deep Groove Ball Bearing Lubrication

Release time : 2017-07-05 02:34:30
Deep groove ball bearings are the most representative of the rolling bearings, widely used. The performance of the deep groove ball bearings, the appropriate addition of lubricant on the deep groove ball bearings can run for a long time is extremely important, like the blood of the human body, can help deep groove ball bearings run more smoothly. But these "blood" is not common, under normal circumstances, the deep groove ball bearing lubricants according to the deep groove ball bearing material and work environment different, and sometimes, the choice of lubricant or lubrication with the correct way No, will greatly affect the bearing life. The following strong bearing for everyone to analyze the specific bearing bearing on the importance of bearing performance. 1. the lubricant can be a good lubrication of the various parts of the bearing to reduce the friction of deep groove ball bearings to reduce wear and tear; 2. through the lubrication of the lubricant inside the bearing due to friction or other causes of some heat, effectively prevent the deep groove ball bearing overheating damage; 3. the lubricant can make the deep groove ball bearings rolling contact surface to form the appropriate oil film to extend the fatigue life of deep groove ball bearings; 4. through the lubrication can also be deep groove ball bearings to achieve the role of anti-corrosion and dust. On the choice of lubricant, strong here to add that deep groove ball bearing lubrication is divided into two kinds of grease lubrication and oil lubrication. Grease lubrication is the use of grease, under normal circumstances, grease lubrication can be done after filling a grease without a long time without supplements, so use a relatively wide range. Grease lubrication in a sealed bearing in advance in the way of filling the grease seal, and the inside of the shell filled with the amount of grease, from time to time to add or replace the filling of fat way. In addition, there are many deep groove ball bearings need to lubricate the mechanical equipment, and sometimes also use the pipeline to the lubrication of the centralized supply of fat way. Lubricants or grease lubrication, to be replaced or added in time, but not too much, requiring one-third to one-half of lubricants, grease one-third. In short, in order to timely lubrication of deep groove ball bearings, which will improve its use of life.