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Bearing Industry In Need Of Transformation And Upgrading Urgently

Release time : 2015-06-10 06:56:01    
In recent years, huge market demand for equipments have been opens up in fields of domestic wind power, hydropower, nuclear power and ODP exploration. But being crucial basic fittings, bearing becomes the soft underbelly of the development for them.
Some related experts point out the fact that our up-market bearing products mainly depend on importation even though the scale of domestic bearing industry expands continually, which restrict the improvement of energy equipment. Now Chinese bearing industryis working to accomplish industrial upgrading of advanced bearing products. It will turn the tide that our crucial bearings for energy equipment industry rely on importation for long terms.
Bearing industry being the soft underbelly
Bearings are the essential components of energy equipment manufacturing, being widely applied in fields of large wind power, hydropower, nuclear power and ODP. Bearings determine the performance, level, quality and reliability of major equipment directly.
In a period of fast growth for domestic energy exploration industry, energy equipment market is badly in need of upscale bearing products, but the technology of Chinese bearing enterprises is out of step with development of the energy equipment.
Bearing is one of the core fittings for wind generators over 15 MW, but wind generators bearing depend on importation for long-terms, which seriously impede the rapid development of wind generators industry. Additionally, long-term technology blockade of overseas bearing industry in areas of hydropower generating unit, thermal power units, oil and gas equipment also impede development of the energy equipment industry.
Industry insiders express that some problems such as low independent production capacity, the advanced relying on importation, technology hollowing remain to be solved urgently.
In addition, the data shows there are many problems and shortcomings of our bearing industry including weak development capacity, lack of innovation power, redundant construction, serious over competition and so on. If problems like this remained to be unsolved for long time, the difficult degree of development and production of domestic energy equipment products would be risen sharply and the improvement of energy equipment would be greatly influenced.
Basic theory, structure of industry, brand effect, high-end product's leading position are important signs for strengthen our national bearing industry. In fact, domestic companies are actively exploring and try to achieve the upgrading of Chinese bearing industry and products.
Raising the level of performance, quality and reliability in products of the whole bearing industry and breaking up current situation that high-end fields rely on importation are the new topics for domestic bearing development.
Upcoming transition of domestic enterprises
Mastering core technology of bearing determines the development of equipment manufacturing business. Bearing is the base of manufacturing business and bearing industry should be advanced if we hope to make our manufacturing business become advanced. This indicates the direction for development of Chinese bearing business.
Mr. Wang Yuming, the academician of Chinese academy engineering, hold the view that as to generic and key technology, we should strengthen basic research, make early industrial layout, carry out strategy for technical alliance and launch special technology research. The emphasis is breakthroughs for the technical difficulties such as bearing materials, bearing manufacturing process, bearing design, test, and research and so on.
There is great demand for high-end bearings in domestic market, and many segmentation markets have kept fast growth. In order to break up international barriers, reduce cost, and raise competitive power, domestic mainframe business'demand of replacing importation by middle and high end products have been increased significantly. There are a great potential for high-end market. Meanwhile, the demand of high-end products importation is expanding for international supply chains. Overseas enterprises expand purchases in China from bearing to forgings. As long as the upgrading products could meet the demand, the international market would show a great promise for the future.
Huge high-end bearing market provides opportunities for domestic companies and the key for enterprises to break up predicament is independent innovation, transformation and upgrading.