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Bearing Headquarters And Vai Team Up With New Erp System

Release time : 2015-06-16 08:13:19
Bearing Headquarters Company rolled out System 2000 (S2K), a new integrated ERP system offered by Vormittag Associate Inc. (VAI), on July 1st 2008. The new system offers vastly improved reporting information for customer or item information at any given time. This enables our Customer Service Representatives (CSR?s) 100% customer retrieval information with a few simple keystrokes, allowing them to provide customers with more information faster. CSRs will now also have access to 5 years of customer / purchase history which will include special and Made-to-Order items as well. This state of the art ERP system also allows Bearing Headquarters Companys Outside Sales Representatives to soon have the ability to access all customer account information via the web 24 hours a day. S2K gives Bearing Headquarters Company the latest offerings available in the ERP world. We can e mail quotes and other documents, provide copies of invoices, track shipments and provide many other value related items in real timegreatly increasing our customer service and efficiency. Additionally, our on-line ordering system, BHQ Express, now more integrated with S2K, has a new look, is more interactive and provides customers with greater features for placing orders, reviewing payable information, and accessing copies of other vital customer information. Bearing Headquarters Company, known as The Service First Company, will truly live up to this motto thanks to the services that VAI and BHQ will be able to provide our valued customers.