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Bearing Export Business Should Not Neglect Marine Environment

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:34:43
One of myAmerican customers tells me that he once purchased bearings three years ago.But when he received these bearings, he found that they rusted. So he was veryangry. He immediately contacted his supplier and the supplier said thesebearings didn't rust before shipment. It was just one month that these bearingsrust. Generally speaking, these bearings can be preserved for two or threeyears. It makes me realize that when bearings are in marine environment, weshould completely seal these bearings to prevent rust. The thing confuses my customer and hissupplier. Later they know that due to these bearings are delivered by sea andthey stayed for nearly one month on the sea, so they rust. Even though bearingsare sealed by plastic, they are still affected by water, why? Because thereare lots of water molecules in marine environment, which can't be seen by oureyes. The phenomenon is more obvious in summer. The water molecules will threadpackages and then corrode bearings. So when doing foreign trade business, weshould pay special attention to packaging. If necessary, we should also uselong-term rust inhibitor.