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Bearing Association Provided Considerate Service To 41 Bearing Enterprises

Release time : 2015-06-16 08:18:47
With the assistance of Xiangshidi High Temperature Bearings Association, the purchasing cost of the bearing steel tube reduced 200 RMB each ton, and the company saved cost of more than 200,000 RMB this year. Hu Libo, the General Manager of Lanxi Xinghuan Bearing Co., Ltd. appraised the Xiangshidi Needle Roller Bearings Association, established by Lanxi Henghe Town Party Membership Committee and the government. Xiangshidi Village in Henghe Town is a miniature bearing manufacturing village known home and broad, where gathers more than 200 enterprises which manufacture bearings and its fittings, and bearing automatization equipments, etc. with the annual production value of 3 billion RMB. Since last year, the bearings in Xiangshidi with extremely high degree of opening-up to outside has been influenced by the great fluctuation of the price of raw materials and the international market atrophy and many enterprises were in the situation of meager profit and deficit. Henghe Party Membership Committee and the government got down to the bone of the enterprises demand, encouraged the enterprise to guide and help each other to make the activity of Develop in team, Overcome Difficulties together successful. Under the efficient organization of the government, the Xiangshidi Thin Section Bearings Association which has 41 members of enterprises was established. Hu Jiqiang, the chairman of the association and the General Manager of the Ningbo Donghuang Bearing Co., Ltd., has introduced the situation that the association formed a group and went to Shangdong to negotiate with the bearing steel tube enterprises and got discourse right of the preferential price. 41 members purchased together and it can save 2 million RMB for the members each year at least.