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Bearing Adapter Sleeve And Adapter Sleeve

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:39:58
Adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve are usually are suitable for big bearings. Adapter sleeve is used to tight round nut and top tight bearing, the withdrawal sleeve is the opposite. At first, the function of adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve is to conveniently install and tear down bearings, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance cost of machine. Generally, use adapter sleeve for easy installation, use withdrawal sleeve for easy dismount. Also it can achieve the effect of adjusting inner clearance to use adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve. Adapter sleeve conveniently adjust bearing's axial positioning and is of good self-locking, using optic axis avoids the phenomenon of stress concentration, it is beneficial to use in condition of overload transmission and impact vibration. Though this kind of bearing device structure is easy, it can get a promising result only the under the premise of right installation and maintenance. Otherwise, haste makes waste or even get worse. Adapter sleeve: Withdrawal sleeve: