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Basic Concept And Function Of The Ball Bearing Lubrication

Release time : 2015-06-10 13:05:14
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Basic Concept and Function of The Ball Bearing Lubrication ?2004-2012 Do you know what is ball bearing lubrication? what is it for? and why was it designed the way it is? Let us read the following article, and then you will understand what is it. Basic concept of ball bearing lubrication It is a kind of lubricant, bearing can be add it. In order to reduce friction, reducing wear and tear when object in motion. In addition it has rust and damping, sealing, transfer the effect such as power. According to the ball bearing lubrication is different, it can be divided into: (1) fluid lubrication. Refers to the use of lubricant for fluid, and including gas lubrication and liquid lubrication two.(2) the solid lubrication.(3) half solid lubrication. Classification of ball bearing lubrication According to the lubrication material is different, it is mainly divided into fluid lubrication and solid lubrication. According to the friction condition is different, it is mainly divided into fluid lubrication and boundary lubrication. Function of ball bearing lubrication Reducing the friction factor of Needle Roller Bearings: in the surface of the friction between join lubricant, forming a lubricating oil film wearing layer, can reduce the friction coefficient, feed friction resistance, reduce power consumption. For example, in good liquid friction condition, the coefficient of friction can be low to 0.001 or lower. The friction resistance is mainly liquid lubricant film internal molecular interaction slip of the low shear resistance. Reduce wear of Water Pump Bearings: lubricant in the friction surface between, can support because of hard particle wear, surface rust, metal surface bite between welding and tear of the wear. Therefore, in the friction surface between supply enough lubricant, can form good lubrication condition, avoid oil film have damage, keep parts fit precision, thus greatly support wear. Reduce the temperature of Miniature RC Bearings:ball bearing lubrication can reduce friction coefficient, feed friction heat generation. We know that the operation of the machinery, overcome the friction the work done, all into heat, by the body part to the external diffusion, and some of them continuously make mechanical temperature. The concentration of liquid lubricant circulation lubrication system can take away the friction heat generation, have cooling, make the mechanical control requirements in the temperature range operation. To prevent the corrosion and protection surface: mechanical surface, inevitably will and the surrounding medium contact (such as air, water wet, water vapor, corrosive gas and liquid, etc.) make mechanical metal surface rust and corrosion and damage. Especially metallurgy factory high temperature workshop and chemical corrosion wear appears more serious.