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Baldors Dodge Imperial Bearings Jep Mill Grinding

Release time : 2015-06-16 08:29:36
BALDOR has provided a press release on how its Dodge IMPERIAL bearings were used in New York-based Horizon Milling to increase equipment life. Horizon Milling produces nearly 2.3m pounds of flour a day. However, the open-style roller bearings in its roll stands had to be hand-packed with grease in the dusty mill environment, making contamination unavoidable. Too many bearings were failing prematurely, with two or three failures a month pushing up maintenance costs and time. According to Horizon Milling, when the bearings failed, they would seize-up on the roll and were very difficult to get off. A Baldor distributor partner delivered two Dodge IMPERIAL bearings for testing. After a few months of tests, the mill said it had found the solution it was seeking. The factory-assembled bearings are already lubricated, and are sealed to keep the dust out. Four years on, Horizon Milling has more than 400 IMPERIAL bearings installed. The company says they are easy to change, creating a safer work environment.