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Babbitt Bearings Celebrating 65th

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:42:25
Babbitt Bearings Inc. is celebrating its 65th anniversary today, July 3. Founded in 1943 as a Service Machine & Tool, a job shop, the company began making babbitt bearings to repair compressors. Renamed Babbitt Bearings more than 30 years ago, today the company produces babbitt bearings for a variety of high-precision rotating equipment such as large electric motors, chillers, pumps, generators, and compressors. In addition to OEM work, the company also offers rebabbitting services, remachining and refinishing. Babbitt currently employs 70 people at its 60,000 square foot plant and home office facility in Syracuse, New York. Because producing babbitt bearings is labor-intensive and often as much art as manufacturing, a babbitt bearing workforce tends to be more highly skilled than usual. Annual sales are approximately USD $10 million. Recent articles have mentioned private family-owned bearing businesses by generation, so it's only fair to note that Babbitt is in second-generation ownership by the founding Wert family. And there is already third generation family involvement in day-to-day operations.