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Automotive Alternator Bearing Noise Cancellation Approach

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:01:26
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Automotive alternator bearing noise cancellation approach ?2004-2012 How to eliminate Automotive alternator bearing noise? The bearing noise are generally because didn't purchase a suitable bearing and installation could not adjust to the bearings size. Follows are four good way on how to eliminate alternator bearing noise. (1) Select the imported low-noise alternator bearings, which depends on the high quality of the bearings to buy, generally good imported Stainless Steel Bearings are made of steel with a high material, with high density and high resistance; (2) Try to eliminate the noise from a non-oil imports alternator bearing link,plus grease, lubricating materials must be selected, you can play a multiplier effect; (3) Avoid the host resonance sensitive speed to avoid resonance; this point need professional installation and commissioning, and avoids resonance problems; If the others does not work, take additional measures of sound insulation and muffler, install some sound control device bearing jarring sound control Needle Roller Bearings may occur on all occasions the piercing sound of metal friction, occurs mostly in greased larger models bearing more susceptible to performance degradation of the base oil grease, almost no oil lubrication. In addition, in the winter are more prone to radial clearance occasions, when exposed to pure radial loads, prone, and different with the model size, likely to occur within a certain speed range, both occur consecutively will intermittently appear. Outer ring raceway special processing method can prevent jarring sound appear necessary choice of this bearing, or appropriate to reduce the radial clearance of the oil-free bearings, grease and improve the use of performance bearing match parts rigidity. Domestic quality on bearing steel, high-speed high-temperature-resistance,low noise and long life characteristics, current alternator bearing is moving light, compact structure, solid power, good acceleration performance, comfort, durability, reliability and higher aspects of development. In addition, due to electronic control technology advances, the car also moving low-energy form of performance, convenience and other useful performance direction, so Deep Groove Ball Bearings as important parts of the car support, it must adapt to this trend.