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Automated Lubrication Optimises Productivity

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:45:10
The latest single-line automated lubrication systems from SKF have been designed to reduce the cost of retrofitting and operating vehicles used in extreme applications. By ensuring components such as bearings are provided with the correct amount of lubricant when and where it is required, the SKF Multilube and Minilube systems optimise vehicle productivity and uptime With extreme applications typically subjecting vehicles to high levels of dust and dirt, while demanding that they deliver consistently high productivity levels, effective lubrication of systems and components is essential. By installing these latest systems, SKF said that vehicle operators can optimise the performance of equipment while minimising the costs associated with routine maintenance and unplanned downtime. The Multilube centralised system is a solution for the automatic lubrication of heavy vehicles and machinery with a high number of lubrication points. The system consists of an electrical pump with an operating voltage of 12 or 24V and a modular pumping unit that incorporates a control unit, pump, reservoir, directional valve and pressure monitoring. The reservoir is equipped with a follower piston that enables the pumping unit to be installed in a horizontal position for maximum flexibility, while a built-in heating element enables operation in extreme temperatures. Similarly, the Minilube centralised system is designed for smaller machines with a lower number of lubrication points. Minilube is quick and easy to install as the pumping unit is equipped with a built-in control unit and pressure switch. Once installed, an external alarm light can be positioned, for example, in the driver's cabin to ensure lubricant levels are maintained and minimise the risk of unplanned downtime. Like the Multilube, the system selects the correct dose of lubricant based on the amount needed at each lubrication point, to ensure optimum machine performance. The Multilube and Minilube systems are suited for use in a wide range of sectors, including off highway, forestry, construction, quarrying, waste removal, agriculture and airport handling.