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Angular Contact Bearings Have Created Favorable Conditionsfor High-speed, Precision of C N C Machine Tools

Release time : 2017-11-23 01:50:48
High speed, precision has always been the eternal goal of machine tool development. With the rapid development of science and technology, mechanical and electrical products to speed up the replacement, the accuracy of parts processing and surface quality requirements are getting higher and higher. In order to meet the needs of this complex and volatile market, the current machine tool is to high-speed cutting, dry cutting and quasi-dry cutting direction, processing accuracy is also constantly improve. On the other hand, the successful application of electric spindle and linear motor, ultra-high speed angular contact bearings as the core components of machine tools, but also for the machine to high-speed, precision development to create the conditions. First of all, let¡¯s talk about the difference between CNC machine tools and traditional machine tools. The traditional mechanical processing is the use of manual operation of ordinary machine tools, processing hand shake the mechanical cutting tool metal, relying on the eye with a caliper and other tools to measure the accuracy of the product. Modern industry has long been the use of computer digital control of the machine to operate, and CNC machine tools in accordance with the technical staff in advance of a good program for any products and parts directly processed. In the CNC machine tools and high-speed characteristics of high-speed angular contact bearing works are no trivial matter. Ultra-high speed angular contact ball bearings are one kind of angular contact ball bearings. In order to make the bearing speed to a very high limit speed, the force in the angular contact bearing on the structure of the optimal design. The recent strong contact with a customer, the other not only the size of the bearing has strict requirements, but also requires a rotation speed of 18,000 per minute, grade requirements Abec7. In response to his requirements and the use of occasions, we have specially customized for his high-precision silicon nitride hybrid ceramic angular contact bearings. The customer has also sought other alternative options, the final class found the size of the needle roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings can not meet the 18000 turn so high speed. At present, customers have received our special custom bearings, and the use of good results.