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Ames At Poznan International Fair

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:55:38
Ames---Spanish manufacturer of high quality Skateboard Bearings, filters and silencers operating on European market for over 50 years has presented its offer on Mach-Tool at Poznan International Fair held from 9-12 June. High quality sintered bronze and iron Ceramic Bearings, filters and silencers had won a great recognition on western European markets. Ames Needle roller Bearings are oil impregnated in 20 - 30% of the volume providing permanent lubrication film with no maintenance and relubrication. High precision, operating temperatures from -20C to +120C, quiet operation and low friction coefficient are few out of many advantages developed by Ames over many years of research on innovative materials and manufacturing process solutions. It is no surprise that Ames attracted so many visitors on Mach Tool Poznan International Fair. It seems Ames's products will turn out more than popular also on Polish market.