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Air China Complete Bearing Test

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:36:07
On April 6, Air China branch engineering maintenance base in cheng du first completed B 2536 (B 737) aircraft engine pylon bearing in the replacement and testing work, especially in bearing test for domestic initiative. In mid-march, B 2536 machine in 2 d inspection, found the engine pylon stress bearing loose 76 mm (diameter), according to the manual must be replaced a new parts, for bearing roller after flanging and 7005 pounds of axial load test, and the bearing after unloading the axial displacement of > 0.076 mm.Maintenance base in cheng du to the relevant domestic units for help, and contact the relevant experts to the scene after the check, that they are unable to complete the bearing in the test, only after the engine pylon joint separation to experiment on the test (which will damage the hanger can not be implemented) .After consulting the Boeing nor the project test fixtures, technical support department requirements accessories department according to the actual situation of the pylons bearing developed special equipment.Accessories department organize relevant personnel to set up study group with only 15 days to finish the special equipment, it by manual high-pressure pump, hydraulic cylinder, displacement measuring head and bearing pressure head of four parts, and on April 6 high quality finished B 2536 aircraft engine pylon bearing in the replacement and testing work. The project's success, marked the cheng du important bearing replacement repair maintenance base in the plane made a qualitative breakthrough, more reliable effectively guarantee the quality of the aircraft repair and further enhance the power base maintenance.