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Aerospace Industry In Bearing Rethink

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:02:19
With recent announcements of material specification Standards modified without authority, Brandjacking in the sale of Air plane parts on the Internet, Airlines at record numbers outsourcing Key maintenance to third world countries for first class passengers, and further news of the prestige's brand "SNFA bearings" now owned & controlled by SKF "not achieving the prescribed specifications" for Airworthiness, Without over dramatising, Bearings in aviation is now a sensitive issue. The Aerospace Industry must fast track methods to ensure maximum safety is assured to the travelling public. Boeing Aircraft (Commercial Division) appears set to incorporate CoC systems to prevent above contamination, the BICC is still waiting for the other major Commercial aviation carrier "Air-Bus" for a constructive CoC policy. US Military Aircraft has already joined policy discussions.