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Aberdeen Company To Cut 49 Jobs

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:07:02
An Aberdeen Stainless Steel Bearings company will lay off almost 50 people. The cuts are coming to Hub City Incorporated, which is a manufacturing facility. Action News talked to an Aberdeen mom who's husband is among those losing their jobs. Hub City Incorporated in Aberdeen is laying off 49 people. The company manufactures Water Pump Bearings, transmission products, and gear drives. But the Vice President says sales have slowed. Jessica Papke and Jeff have two children. Right now their world is turned upside down. Jessica says, "He called me and said that he was not going to have a job as of Friday and my hear just thumped, beat a thousand miles a minute." Hub City Incorporated says their customer base across the U.S., Mexico and Canada have been affected by the tough Needle Ball Bearings economy. Jessica is hoping her family pulls through. Jeff is working the night shift at Hub City Incorporated, on one of his last days on the job. Jessica says, "A lot of things crossed my mind. What are we going to do How are we going to pay our bills What are going to do about the kids What about insurance Just everything. Every worst-case scenario crossed my mind What are we going to do" But Jessica says Jeff remains hopeful. She says, "He's very optimistic and he's going to try everything possible to get a job and not let this bring him down." Before the layoffs, 375 people worked at Hub City Incorporated. Now 49 people are out of work.