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Logistics Hydraulic Platformwith316 L Stainless Steel Bearings

Release time : 2017-11-15 07:23:27
After two years of baptism did not take long, double twelve in front of the annual shopping carnival season, the logistics company can be described as joy and worry, in the face of a large number of express mail, the season's income is guaranteed, but This year the explosion of the warehouse problem is to let all the logistics industry practitioners head, how to quickly handle so many express mail, logistics, hydraulic platform is essential to improve the efficiency of logistics platform is equal to enhance the efficiency of the entire logistics chain , So the core components of the logistics hydraulic platform stainless steel bearing selection is critical. Hydraulic is used on the factory, workshop, warehouse loading and unloading, handling, stacking. Hydraulic platform is generally made of high-strength steel, the design of reasonable structure, safe and reliable, built-in safety valve, sealed cylinder, manual control hydraulic system movements, easy to operate and simple. With nylon steering wheel to save the operator's strength, and the core of the caster in the bearing, 316L stainless steel bearings with its excellent load capacity to protect the load wheel and pallet truck. Unique hydraulic pump design, the pump is simple for the assembly line loading and unloading operation to maintain an ideal height and design; coupled with a unique ergonomic design, the operator comfortable operation. In the hydraulic platform using 316L bearing relative to the ordinary 400 series stainless steel bearings with anti-rust and corrosion resistance and high precision, fully in line with the hydraulic platform of the working environment. Good core components with a unique design of the hydraulic pump, ergonomic design, the mechanical efficiency has been greatly improved, the operator is also more comfortable operation. Strong as the domestic professional bearing manufacturers, has always been committed to the customer carefully selected the most suitable bearing products, we will cherish each of your entrusted.