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304 Stainless Steel Bearingsin Shower Room Environment Can Easily Competent

Release time : 2017-12-26 05:59:48
The shower cabins pulleys are the most important part of the shower room as these are all already relevant to the entire door of the shower room, the performance and quality of the roller bearings have a direct impact on the normal experience of the shower room.But nowadays many needle roller bearings in the industry are made of nylon material, but now some of the bearings used by the enterprises are the traditional ball bearings. This bearing has a disadvantage, that is, for a long time in the case of water soaked, prone to rust and can not scroll, so the shower door can not open. So the pulley of shower room is the top priority of whole shower room,Only good pulleys can ensure the length of the shower door and the safety of the user.Pulleys are covered with nylon outer coat, but its core is the bearing.Now can see the pulley bearing on the market at present is copper, zinc alloy, carbon steel and so on material, but one of the best stainless steel bearings, and it is 304 stainless steel bearings, the bearing's life relative to other material life is the longest. The reason for the use of 304 stainless steel bearings is that the material of the bearing can go through 100,000 continuous, destructive push-pull test and without any damage and abnormalities,stainless steel bearing life is not the general 1, 2 years so short, up to 5 years, but also can effectively prevent wear and oil leakage bearings, to avoid getting the shower room dirty .The outer pulley is made of nylon,to withstand the heat and the grinding,the design of square derailment also can let deceleration have a cushion, the smooth rolling of the bearing ensures the smoothness of the shower door push-pull.