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Release time : 2015-06-12 09:21:09
The Ninth Technical Seminar on Oil Film Bearings was recently held in Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co. Ltd.(TZ). Over 80 representatives from 43 companies and institutes attended this seminar . TZ is a widely diversified heavy manufacturing company, with divisions involved in areas such as smelting, rolling mills, satellite launch towers, coal gasification, casting, forging, railroad wheels and axles, and bearings. The intensively climate-controlled bearing manufacturing facility covers more than 11,000 square meters. Produced under the TZ / Taizong brand, the company's oil film bearings range in size from 160mm to 2,000mm OD. TZ claims approximately 80% of China's market for large oil film bearings, and exports to a number of countries from Europe to South America. The company's primary application for large oil film bearings is continuous casting steel rolling mills, an almost insatiable market as China's steelmaking sector continues industrial history's fastest growth.