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Spherical Roller Bearings (Extra-large) Gained the Client's Recognition

Release time : 2022-07-18 09:39:07

It is known that Lily Bearing has long been enjoying a worldwide reputation in making roller bearings with different models. Recently, customized extra-large spherical roller bearings have been successfully developed at Lilys R&D base. It has been smoothly accepted by a client, whose company is mainly engaged in the production of material handling equipment.

These newly-made high-quality roller bearings are the largest sealed spherical roller bearings produced by Lily Bearing at present. As for a roller, the outer diameter is 102.3mm. Its length is 164.7mm and the net weight for a single grain is 9.9 kilograms.

In terms of the shape, the customized spherical roller bearings are not really spherical. Their rolling elements are basically cylindrical. Both of them have a barrel-like profile which looks like slightly over-inflated cylinders.

In the process of developing the extra-large spherical roller bearings, Lilys R&D team adjusted different parameters including materials, internal geometry, tolerance and lubricant in consideration of the client's working conditions. The rings and rolling elements of the customized spherical roller bearings are made of chrome steel. The chrome content of the material is nearly 1.5%. The curvature deviation of the metric spherical roller bearings is ±0.8mm. The outer diameter bus bar adds logarithmic curves on the basis of spherical surface. Allowable deviation of the logarithmic curve is ±0.001mm and the geometric accuracy range is much higher than the requirement of the secondary roller in the national standard. Its roundness reaches 0.003mm and the finish reaches Ra0.16. Meanwhile, the grouping difference is controlled at 0.003mm.

These super double-row spherical roller bearings have very high load carrying capacity. They are able to deal with much higher axial loads and radial loads. About the adaptability to misalignment, these huge spherical roller bearings are second to none. They can be used in applications that are prone to axis shift or misalignment. Whats more, the spherical roller bearings can allow rotation under the conditions of low friction and angular misalignment. Normally, the spherical rolling-element bearings match a rotating shaft in the bore of the inner ring. The inner ring might be misaligned as opposed to the outer ring. Actually, the misalignment is determined by the shape of spherical rollers. 

Spherical Roller Bearings

Due to the heavy weight and high precision of the spherical roller bearings, the R&D team overcame the difficulties during the process of tooling and testing in the development. After relentless efforts of the team, these high-precision SRB bearings finally fully met the process standard and gained the clients recognition. Actually, this client had been also used our spherical roller bearings before. They gave high praise for some of our hot models such as 230/670 ca/w3323134-2CS5K/VT14322212 E and so on. All of these spherical roller bearings can exactly enrich the variety of Lilys roller bearings. 

As far as clients concerned, choosing proper spherical roller bearings may be a challenge, especially when you are faced with stringent technical, reliability or economic requirements. In this case, a big spherical roller bearing manufacturer Lily Bearing can provide advanced calculations and simulations and locate the best bearing solution according to clients actual working conditions.