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Miniature Thrust Bearings Drived Dental Pens to Work Well

Release time : 2022-06-06 10:23:34

With the increasing standard of living, people are paying more and more attention to the health of their teeth. Many people have dental checkups from time to time, but sometimes during extractions, fillings, implants or other dental procedures, patients inevitably suffer from pain. As a result, dental anesthesia techniques are used. The dental pen is an important piece of equipment in dental anesthesia, and it is popular among dentists. As for dental pens, miniature thrust bearings, play a key role.

Recently, a regular client from the US gave high praise to miniature thrust bearings developed by Lily Bearing. This client is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of dental pens and other dental equipment. In a recent email, the client mentioned, "...... After applying miniature thrust bearings developed by your company, our dental pens have been long keeping running well without any failure. Many dentists praised for our dental pens because the patients didn't feel any pain ... It is easy for dentists to operate them ......"


As for miniature thrust bearings, Lily Bearing has more than 20 years of experience in research and development and manufacturing. Its miniature thrust bearings are in strict accordance with international standards to achieve the rollability with high levels even under heavy thrust loads. Unlike other large bearings, miniature thrust ball bearings are used in more delicate working conditions. During the process of the development, the R&D staff always help clients to customize right miniature flat thrust bearings according to their actual working conditions. The main considerations include the load direction and the load size, the speed of rotation as well as the specific application environment of the bearing.

As far as materials are concerned, Lily's miniature thrust bearings cover a wide range, including chrome steel, stainless steel, ceramic blends, plastic, and other aspects. In consideration of this client's need for rust prevention, 440c stainless steel, which can withstand high loads while also providing rust prevention and anti-corrosion, was adopted.In terms of load direction, miniature thrust bearings are designed for thrust loads or axial loads only, without any radial loads, and are therefore unidirectional small thrust ball bearings. When a dentist perform anesthetic operations for a patient with a dental pen, the entire load will be parallel to the bearing axis. The thrust load shows a positive correlation with the amount of thrust applied. An experienced dentist will apply a certain thrust load within a certain range according to the patient's actual condition.   

                     miniature thrust bearings

In terms of design, some miniature thrust bearings have a race or groove on each washer, which makes it easier to locate in the housing and allows the shaft to rotate flexibly inside, and their mounting must be done according to the direction of the load. Simple miniature thrust bearings have the same washers without raceways. This type of mini thrust bearings can accept thrust loads in any direction, but its load and speed ratings are much lower. Regardless of the design style of miniature thrust bearings, they fall into the category of rotary bearings, which allow rotation between parts and are designed to support high axial loads, i.e. loads parallel to the shaft, during rotation.

In addition to high-quality miniature thrust bearings, we also provide top-torch services for clients. In the communication with clients, staffs of Lily Bearing are always enthusiastic to provide professional services to them and further provide perfect solutions. For instance, they help clients determine the right models according to their working conditions and give professional explanations. What's more, they also report the production progress of miniature thrust bearings to the clients in time. If there are any problems in the daily application, they will provide feasible solutions.

In addition to standardized micro thrust bearings, Lily Bearing will also customize bearings for clients according to their needs and working conditions. The team of engineers will consider various technical parameters such as inner and outer diameter tolerance, limiting speed, static and dynamic load, etc. to help customize the right miniature thrust bearings to meet their needs. Lily Bearing also provide clients with the complete online catalog of miniature thrust bearings and drawings of miniature thrust bearings. Clients can freely download the corresponding 3D models according to their needs. These are parts of the value-added services of Lily Bearing's design engineering and application assistance to ensure that clients' work is easier and more efficient.