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Slewing Bearings Greatly Boosted The Clean Energy Industry

Release time : 2022-03-11 11:40:23

As one of the main bearing manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, Lily Bearing is famous for its top-torch bearings, expertise as well as first-class service. Without a doubt, slewing bearings, as a kind of star bearings, are greatly welcomed. A regular client from the US, whose company is mainly engaged in the underwater clean energy industry, has been keeping an eye on Lily’s slewing bearings. Due to the specificity of the clean energy industry, the quality of slewing bearings and related technologies must be highly valued. Furthermore, almost all the equipment is under operation offshore or underwater. Clearly, slewing bearings which are used in high precision instruments are easily corroded by seawater over time. Thus, the corrosion is the first priority.

In general, the conventional anti-corrosion process of slewing bearings mainly does multiple sealing with stainless steel or other materials, however, this kind of method is not able to meet the client's needs. At the outset, the client was troubled by the maintenance of slewing bearings. After carefully tracking the client's equipment and operating conditions, Lily Bearing’s engineers made up their minds to better anti-corrosion ways for the slewing bearings.

In accordance with engineers, some anti-corrosion technologies which are used in components for large equipment were listed one by one, such as anti-corrosion coating technology, hot-dip galvanizing technology, zinc penetration technology as well as zinc or aluminum spray technology. In addition, anti-corrosion metal materials such as the weathering steel might be in use. Meanwhile, the anti-rust grease can be used too. The engineers specifically mentioned the cathodic protection technology.

In Combination with the actual working conditions of the client, for the anti-corrosion of slewing bearings, Lily Bearing’s engineers finally resolved to use cathodic protection technology. This technology aims to cast active metals, which have higher activity than iron, such as zinc, aluminum, into the anode material and then make it welded on the protected things. When electrochemical corrosion occurs, this active metal is actively consumed by the oxidation reaction as a negative electrode, thus reducing or preventing the corrosion of the protected metal. This method is commonly used to protect the foundation steel piles whose wind turbines are located in the water, offshore or intertidal. To prevent corrosion of slewing bearings, zinc blocks are welded with the outer wall of the steel piles below the flow line.

This method is commonly used to protect the foundation steel piles of offshore or intertidal wind turbines which are located in the water. To prevent corrosion of slewing bearings, zinc blocks are welded with the outer wall of the steel pile below the flow line.

With this technology, in the light of the engineers, the client does not need to do grease lubrication for the slewing bearings frequently, even if the workplace is undersea and it will be OK as long as it is not more than 1 year. Meanwhile, the engineers added, “We are not sure if the slewing bearings could work extra 6 months because they were produced based on a 6-month period, but maybe you could have a try. And the bio growth could be ignored, for it won’t influence the operation of slewing bearings since they are sealed well.”

In addition to high-quality slewing bearings and skillful technologies, Lily Bearing also provides the first-class service. In each interaction with clients, Lily Bearing’s staff are able to give a hand to its clients professionally, enthusiastically in a timely way and offered the perfect solution. For instance, they helped the client determine the specific imperial through holes for the mounting bolts and gave professional explanations for the relationship between the C5 finish and the electrical conductivity of slewing bearings. Besides, experts of Lily Bearing always update the specific production schedule of slewing bearings. They always actively helped clients seek all possible causes and provide feasible solutions.

Through the joint effort of Lily Bearing’s professional staff and the client, Lily Bearing received good feedback. As the client mentioned, “We have been in the water for about 5 months and the slewing bearings have been working well! ...” And he also added, “I believe that in our initial discussion we specified that the slewing bearings should last 6 months without maintenance. Seeing that everything has been working well, we are now considering extending the deployment time by an additional 6 months.” Obviously, this is far exceeded the client's expectations. This is inseparable from Lily Bearing’s precise product quality, high technologies and excellent service.

As a matter of fact, selecting a proper slewing bearing may be a challenge, especially when you are faced with stringent technical, reliability or economic requirements. In such a case, Lily’s experts can provide state-of-the-art calculations and simulations by advanced analytical methods in order to meet its clients' needs. Meanwhile, Lily Bearing's standardized operation can help extend the service life span of bearings greatly. As a result, Lily Bearing has always been winning high praise from clients for its various high-quality bearings, advanced technologies and first-class service, and Lily Bearing will keep on meeting the needs of clients.