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The application and prospect of ceramic bearings

Release time : 2020-12-28 16:18:36

In modern industry, there are many harsh operating conditions, such as: high temperature, low temperature, high speed, strong corrosion, vacuum, insulation, maintenance-free,etc.; then when traditional metal bearings cannot meet these requirements, how should we choose Bearing?

The first set of ceramic bearings was born in the United States (NASA) space agency, The first set of ceramic bearings was successfully developed in 1972.Fortunately, our technology is also developing rapidly, and we are pleased to introduce our ceramic bearings to you.

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Ceramic bearings have good corrosion resistance, so that ceramic bearings can be used in a variety of corrosive environments, and can work in corrosive environments for a long time.When necessary, we can provide the service of adding food grade grease.

Of course, ceramic bearings with corrosion resistance is also applicable to chemical machinery equipment, Marine and other industries used by the machine, when we choose ceramic bearings, these corrosion problems will be readily solved.

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Our ceramic bearing material is divided into: zirconia, silicon nitride, silicon carbide. According to different temperature requirements of customers, we can use different ceramic materials to meet your requirements.
The ceramic bearings are suitable for oven and heat treatment equipment, molten salt and molten metal equipment, etc.If the temperature reaches above 260 ° C (500 ° F), we can produce a full complement structure without a cage.

You think that’s the end of it?No, the advantages of ceramic bearings go far beyond that.
If you are in the medical industry, please also try ceramic bearings. Ceramic bearings have been used in equipment such as high-speed dental drills and surgical saws. They are durable and can withstand disinfection.

With the advantage of the good friction properties of ceramics, ceramic bearings can be used in low temperature environment, they can also work under -180°C stable, such as liquid oxygen pump bearings.
With the advantages of light weight and low density of ceramic materials, we can use ceramic bearings in aerospace, automobile, train and other industries.

With the non-magnetic nature of ceramics, ceramic bearings can also be used in atomic reactors, semiconductor devices and other equipment.
By virtue of its resistance to vacuum, We can use ceramic bearings in vacuum machinery and other equipment.

Ceramic bearings rely on the material characteristics of the material itself to be fully capable of replacing, and can achieve the barely competent and incompetent work of metal bearings,ceramic has its irreplaceable status. With such a huge market as the premise, we can create a new path in product development and manufacturing to broaden the larger application areas of ceramic bearings. Make new materials, new processes and new technologies better serve production.

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