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Bearing Anti-corrosion solution

Release time : 2020-12-28 16:24:54

-Take wind power generation and tidal power generation as examples to discuss bearing corrosion prevention

Wind power and tidal power, as renewable energy projects, have attracted more and more attention from countries all over the world due to their environmental friendliness, wide distribution of resources, large development potential, and sustainable use. However, considering the complex working environment, such as outdoor wind, rain, thunder, lightning, sand, dust and salt spray, or even directly in sea water, higher requirements are put forward for the anti-corrosion of bearing. Lily Bearing is based on actual production experience and most requirements of clients, make relevant summaries on bearing corrosion protection programs:

1.Anti-corrosion solution for conventional bearings –use corrosion-resistant materials to produce bearings

In the past, for conventional bearings with anti-corrosion requirements, the materials were generally treated accordingly, and stainless steel bearings, ceramic bearings, plastic bearings, etc. were recommended. However, ceramic bearings and plastic bearings have limitations in product categories and loads due to material reasons. Therefore, bearings in certain parts of wind power and tidal power generation projects are not suitable for selection; stainless steel bearings can prevent corrosion to a certain extent However, for wind power generation projects that are used for tidal power generation and other long-term exposure to sea water or placed in the marine atmosphere, additional anti-corrosion treatment is still required when necessary.


2.Anti-corrosion Coating solution

Use “heavy anticorrosive paint”, including primer, middle paint and top coat for mutual multi-layer protection. It is mostly used for bearings exposed to the outside, such as yaw bearings for wind power generation. This solution can also be selected to a certain extent for underwater tidal power generation projects. When used in bearings with outer box protection, the use of topcoat can be reduced according to the actual situation. About the paint and the corresponding service life as shown below:


3.Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Solution

For tidal power generation located at a deeper underwater position in the marine environment, it is more difficult to prevent corrosion due to long-term contact with the sea water. The impressed current is to connect the protected bearing to the negative pole of the power supply, and then use a conductive inert material to connect the positive pole of the power supply. After the power is turned on, the surface of the protected bearing produces negative charges (electrons) accumulation, thereby inhibiting the Protect bearing metal loses electrons.This solution is also applicable to other working environments with severe corrosion.

4.Zinc Plating Solution

Zinc Plating is the process of depositing a metallic zinc-like coating on the bearing surface by electrolysis. The galvanizing treatment can improve the appearance of the bearing, resist medium corrosion, and resist wear. However, because the production process will cause pollution and harm to the environment and staff, production and selection will be limited by time and cost.

5.Hot spray zinc

Use compressed air to blow the molten zinc particles onto the bearing surface to form a honeycomb-shaped zinc spray coating, which is also a long-term anti-corrosion method. It can be used on products that are not exposed to corrosive liquids for a long time, such as pitch bearings of wind power generation equipment.


6.Spray paint

Painting is to spray paint on the surface of the bearing to change the appearance of the bearing and short-term protection. Painted bearings are mostly used in outdoor projects that occasionally come into contact with rainwater. Usually after one to two years, they need to be painted again to extend the protection time.


7.Apply anti-rust grease

Applying anti-rust grease is a short-term protection method to protect bearings, and is mainly used for short-term anti-rust treatment measures during the transportation, processing and assembly of bearings. The inside of the bearing seal is protected by grease.

For more specific anti-corrosion design for your project, please contact us. Lily Bearing, with 20 years of experience, will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your specific working conditions.