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Release time : 2020-12-28 16:27:31

Bearings, a common component used in many industrial applications, seem far away from us.
Many places in our life, carefully to find, in fact, there will be the existence of bearings, and very close to us.

With the improvement of people’s life quality, more and more people are willing to spend their spare time on sports, such as skateboarding, jumping rope, riding bicycle, etc. When you are doing all kinds of sports, have you paid attention to the existence of those small bearings? Their presence makes us start a wonderful journey of sports. Let’s explore their footprints together!

Firstly, let’s introduce the first member — skateboard

Cool people on a skateboard, or wandering in the crowd, or doing all kinds of fancy action in the open field, handsome or not? Skateboards also play a large role here. Usually, the most used skateboard bearing type is the8mmID 608-2RS sealed bearing. There are also some other skateboard bearings sizes, for example 7mmID 627-2RS bearing, 10mmID 6900-2RS bearing.

Of course, these skateboard bearings with ordinary appearance are not sufficient. In order to attract customers and make the products with good market, many companies customize the bearings with colorful seals, print logo or brand on the seals, do special surface treatments for the rings (blacken or golden), replace the steel balls with ceramic balls and choose oil lubrication (to get more flexible rotation). At the same time, some choose more beautiful bearing wheels or packaging boxes so that they match better. Please contact Lily Bearing if you have these product demands. We will try our best to help you find the best solution.


Next, introduce the second member — jump rope

Compared with skateboarding, jumping rope is easier to learn, and there are a wide range of people who participate in this sport, ranging from children of several years old to elders of several decades old. I believe many friends around have participated in this sport. Swing jump rope, the body also beat, body and mind can relax. Some bearings, such as 693ZZ, 623ZZ, MR104ZZ, 626ZZ, 696ZZ and 688ZZ, will be used in the rope handle, as well as some rod end bearings and corresponding nuts, such as POS3EC, POS6EC and so on. The rotation flexibility of the rope skipping bearing is relatively high, and some more demanding rope skipping applications will require the bearing to idle for how many seconds or other requirements. For bearings used in rope skipping, special attention should be paid to this in order to better meet customers’ bearing needs.


Finally, introduce the third member–bicycle

More and more people choose green commuting, which leads to the rise of the bicycle industry. In recent years, the number of shared bikes in many cities continues to increase, it is a good choice to cycle for relatively short trips. At the beginning, there were many popular shared bikes, such as Ofo and Mobike, and then there were blue

Hellobike and other brands. In the past, it was a bit harder to pedal, but now it is easier than before. In addition to other improvements, the inner bearings are also contributed to the improvement, but the requirements on the bearings will be higher than before. In addition to common commuter bikes, such as shared bikes, there are mountain bicycles, Cross Country bicycles, race-track bicycles and so on. These bicycles are used in a relatively complex environment, and of course, the inner bearing requirements are also high.

Some commonly used bicycle bearing models are 6806-2RS, 6807-2RS, 6808-2RS, etc. 68 series and 6900-2RS, 6901-2RS, 6902-2RS, etc. 69 series, there are also B541, B542 and B543, they serve as bowl bearings, pivot bearings, hub bearings and bottom bracket bearings. Bicycle bearings are usually sealed to prevent dust and water from entering the bearings. Also bicycle bearings choose stainless steel rings to have a better corrosion resistance performance, choose ceramic balls to reduce friction. The better the bearing, the better the ride!


In addition to the three sports mentioned, there are many sports equipment that will use bearings. If you have bearing demands, you can consider contacting us(contact us–Lily Bearing). You just need it and we are just professional!