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Ceramic balls‐makes bearing better

Release time : 2020-07-17 16:32:46

As we all know, common ball bearings use steel balls as rolling elements, but if we replace steel balls with ceramic balls, what better results will there be? Let’s take a look at the following simple examples:

1. More temperature resistant

Compared with steel balls, ceramic itself has higher temperature resistance than steel materials, and the coefficient of thermal expansion of ceramic balls is small. In high temperature environments, the bearing balls will not expand due to

temperature, bearing.

which greatly increases the operating temperature of the entire



2.Higher speed

Ceramic balls have the properties of oil‐free and self‐lubricating, and the friction coefficient of ceramic balls is small, so ceramic ball bearings have a high speed.Many high‐speed spindle bearings use ceramic balls to increase the speed and are widely recognize.


3.Long life

The ceramic ball can be used without any grease, that is to say, even if the grease dries out, the bearing can still operate, which avoids the occurrence of premature bearing damage caused bearings.



The last and most important point is insulation.Bearings that use ceramic balls can insulate the inner and outer rings of the bearing.Because ceramic balls are insulators, ceramic balls can be used between the inner and outer rings of the bearing to achieve insulation. This enables the bearing to be used in a conductive environment.For the same reason, in a vacuum environment, hybrid ceramic ball bearings are also a good choice.

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