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Bearing & Intelligentize

Release time : 2020-07-14 16:34:49

I believe you are very familiar with intelligentize. It’s by our sides. Something like robotic vacuum, digital medical, industry 4.0. First, it can connect with network, then it can be controlled, at last, there are records. It’s our future.


What you are not familiar, I guess you do not know there are bearings in all those smart technologies design. There are various bearings used in all those smart products. Among all of those bearings, thin cross section ball bearings are widely used.  Modernize industrial robots are aiming to light, small which leave very limited installing space. Bearings much have small volume, light weight and the most important high precision.


Our thin section ball bearings are perfectly fit in such application like all kinds of robot, digital medical, smart industry, and all kinds manipulate systems. The most important feature of our thin section ball bearing is no matter how large the ID and OD is, the cross section keeps the same in the same series. The largest ID is 40” & the smallest cross section is 3/16”×3/16”


Large thin section ball bearing used in CT scanner. In response to increased speed of gantry systems, The thin section bearings has been designed with high speed bearings that reduce heat build-up and with low noise level. Everything in this system is all critical and precision,low noise of the whole scanner is one of the most important elements the designer wanted.




Precision Thin section ball bearing used in robots and robots arms. The thin section bearing have lighter weight,thin cross section and high precision which are mostly widely used in robot systems.



Bearings used in industries from the first to forth and have higher and higher requirements. Bearings development is along with the industrial stage.



All those applications require the bearing have high precision, high stability and long life span. And yes, small rooms for bearings. Along with the development of intelligence, we are pursuing great products in our life, and great products require perfect bearings.

Except offer bearings, we also offer engineering and solutions. Let us know your needs, we will offer you workable solutions. We’d like grow together.