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Bearings used for conveyor rollers in warehousing industry

Release time : 2020-06-03 16:38:13

Warehousing is absolutely necessary in commodity circulation , also main support of logistics. The more and more automation and intelligent is the modern warehousing.

Warehousing has close relationship with our life . Do you know e-commerce industry’s automatic warehouse system?

When we are speaking about e-commerce, we have to mention ecommerce giants Alibaba, Jingdong. People really can’t image the brilliance of e-commerce . At first, people distrust online shopping. At the moment, Taobao and Jingdong are repeated .

Automatic warehousing is e-commerce giants’Favorite . Each giant has its own proudest automatic warehouse system . Alibaba and Jingdong’s parcels are packed and sorted out intelligently . Intelligent warehousing has fitted express boxes with eyes and legs , which helps boxes go where they should go.



It is high-speed running conveyors behind the busy warehousing. When running, conveyors need the drive and support of drive shafts . Bearings are put on the drive shafts. Bearings influence the normal performance of rollers and the whole conveyor system , so the bearing quality must be good.



Many sizes of bearings are used for conveyors’ rollers. Because of wide usage and low cost requirement, the common choices are deep groove ball bearings, such as 60, 62, 63 series of d eep groove ball bearings. Beside, because of different industrial designs and limit of mounting space, some custom sizes are used, for example, nonstandard hex bearings with extended inner rings.



This type of bearings generally choose big clearance. Big clearance can effectively meet the challenges of severe environment . Low running resistance and anti-locking performance helps increase bearings lifetime. If using standard clearance, in severe environment , running resistance will be high and bearings heats , lubrication flows away, bearings will be even locked and retainers break , which leads bearings’ lifetime is greatly shortened .

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