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Best solution, Best products – Thin Section Bearings Could Be Special

Release time : 2020-02-13 16:50:22

The Chinese government has always attached great importance to the localization of high-end bearings. As early as 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology listed bearings as “the top mechanical basic parts” in the official documentation “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Basic Manufacturing Processes, Basic Materials Industry of Mechanical Basic Parts, and Basic manufacturing processes and basic materials “.

This plan agreed that: “Mechanical basic parts are inseparable units that make up the machine, including bearings, gears, hydraulic parts, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, seals, chains and sprockets, transmission couplings, fasteners, springs, Powder metallurgy parts, molds, etc. ”



According to the plan, by 2020, the autonomous rate of wind turbine bearings will reach 90%.By 2025, the autonomy rate of high-speed precision CNC machine tools and high-speed EMUs will reach 90%, By 2030, the autonomy rate of large aircraft bearings will reach 90%.

The plan suggests that we need to focus on the development of high-speed, precision and heavy-duty bearings. Including: Medium and high-end CNC machine tool bearings and electric spindles, high-power wind turbine generator bearings, large transport aircraft bearings, heavy-duty helicopter bearings, long-life and high-reliability automotive bearings and bearing units, high-speed railway train bearings, heavy-duty railway truck bearings, new cities Rail transit bearings, large sheet cold and hot rolling equipment bearings, large construction machinery bearings, high speed and long life textile equipment bearings, ultra-precision medical equipment spindle bearings.

It is noticeably that in addition to high-speed rail bearings, aviation bearings account for two of them, in addition to large transport aircraft, there are also heavy-dutyhelicopters. The key role of national defense models in driving basic components is extremely significant.



Thin Section Bearings,as a great solution to supporting mechanism, and reducing friction under limited space, are widely used in aviation industry.



During past years, we, Lily Bearing, provided bearing solutions and bearing products to hundreds outstanding companies. Our team has accumulated a lot of experience on various working conditions, for instance extreme high/low temperature, vacuum, anti-corrosion, modified inner design etc.

Our experienced team are good at handling following situation, but not limited to:



Special Samples:



The precise characteristics of bearings determine that bearings are specific and targeted when they were designed and used. Therefore, our sales staffs will always ask our customers about the operating conditions and conditions of the bearings. This aim to provides the most suitable and most cost-effective products. With improvements and reflections over and over again, we are moving towards a better future.

Professional knowledge, targeted solutions, and manufacturing capabilities are the focus of Lily Bearing to become the industry leader.

Best solution is our priority.