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Seasonal Maintenance, Is Your Family's Telescopic Shelterwith the1616 Bearinginit?

Release time : 2017-11-10 05:44:11
Instant has entered the deep winter season, cold and dry weather people can not think of all about the summer. But the force here to give you a wake up, the winter may be overhaul most of the spring and summer season supplies good season Oh. In the hot and rainy summer, we can not be underestimated in the use of telescopic sheds outside the balcony, after a summer wind and rain and exposure, our telescopic sheds okay? In fact, to say to the telescopic shed repair, nothing more than to the canopy of the activities of the casters within the gear to do maintenance. Then choose a suitable telescopic canopy casters on the bearing is very important. The structure of the canopy is designed to withstand the sun and the storm to design, and some canopy can only look at the endurance, and now we have a clear understanding of the UV to bring us the harm, so the high-intensity telescopic shed and High durability is the pursuit of every buyer, in the final analysis, or the need for excellent quality bearings to drive the quality of the entire retentive canopy. Strongly based on repeated practice with the relevant industry applications found that 1616 bearings may be the best choice for stretching canopy. Due to the long-term outdoor environment, telescopic sheds on the bearings must be able to anti-corrosion, and 1616 bearing oil-free self-lubricating and anti-rust performance, to adapt to outdoor work environment while reducing maintenance frequency, Other models of the same type are low, with very good economic benefits. Strong for the majority of the relevant industry canopy manufacturers recommend the use of 1616 bearings, after the initial test to the late long put into use, 1616 bearing the excellent performance so that customers praise.