Abec 9 Skateboard Bearings

Generally speaking, abec-9 has been the highest grade in bearing industry. We can use a lot of official information to confirm this. One exception is that in view of the high requirement for high speed in skateboard industry, Lily Bearing specially develops abec-11 skateboard bearing

Abec 9 rollerblade bearing adopts the most restrictive processing precision and can be applied to any harsh conditions and can meet high speed and high performance requirements.

There are no material requirements in abec grades, so 608 abec 9 bearing can has different materials, including chrome steel, stainless steel and ceramic inline skate bearing abec 9.

In order to ensure that the entire bearing can reach to abec9 precision, we will choose the highest grade steel material, the best container cage and the highest grade steel balls. At the same time we also use the most strict tolerance standard to require the whole bearing’s production and processing process.

ABEC’s rating system has been in existence for many years now. The original purpose of the ABEC committee was not to announce the manufacturer, the quality of the bearings they made. Rather, in order to be able to determine bearing dimensions, tolerances, geometry and noise standards, these standards are used to help and require manufacturers.

ABEC’s standards are also divided into ABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5, ABEC7, and ABEC9. These five levels, 1 is the lowest, and 9 is the highest. The higher the level, the stricter the tolerance, so it can be a precision bearing. In high-speed operation of bearings, high precision and small tolerances are required, so under such applications and conditions, ABEC 9 bearings are the most suitable among many standard models. Because the maximum speed of the skateboard bearing is 4,700 rpm, there is no need for very high precision, so the level and accuracy of the ABEC 9 skateboard bearing is not required.

However, the ABEC rating is appropriate to ignore many other factors, including impact resistance, materials, lubrication, retainer type, ball grade are not within the rating range. So what about abec-9 bearings? In many precision instruments and high-precision machines, ABEC 9 bearings can take advantage of them. Under other bearings, ABEC 9 bearings can meet these high requirements.

High-rated bearings such as ABEC 9 are mainly used in precision applications such as aircraft instrumentation and surgical machinery. ABEC1, ABEC3 and other lower-grade bearings are still used in vehicles, skateboards, fishing gear, etc., which are relatively common.

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