Abec 7 Skateboard Bearings

Abec 7 skate bearings is grinded and polished to a very high precision grade. It means that skateboard bearing abec 7 will have better tolerability, thus may have faster speed and longer service life. A very delicate bearing will reduce friction. The friction generates heat and heat will eventually lead to bearing invalid.

Relatively speaking, the price of 608rs abec 7 is higher, so we don’t recommend newcomers to select such high quality bearing. Most of the time skateboard lovers spend lots of money on high-end bearings, but they don’t well maintain these bearings, which lead to these bearings damaged soon. We want to specially state that high-end abec 7 roller skate bearing needs to be well maintained. Dust prevention measures and proper oil lubrication can both extend bearing’s service life.

As a bearing manufacturer, we’d like to provide more professional data parameters for customers. There are detailed abec-7 parameters on our website, but these parameters are based on professional bearing field. If you just familiar with skateboard, you may not fully understand. Maybe you can know the source of abec-7 by Wikipedia.

ABEC’s standard is an industry-recognized standard for ball bearing tolerances. It is divided into five grades, from the widest tolerance to the most stringent tolerances, which are the five grades 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, respectively. Bearings in the ABEC system are generally also made into precision bearings, from 1 to 9, the bigger the number, the higher the precision level.

For general ball bearings are also ABEC rated, and the level of accuracy and durability is also the standard of its standards. However, there are also many key factors that have not been incorporated into the ABEC standards, such as load capacity, internal clearance, ball accuracy, materials, noise, vibration and lubrication. Due to these factors, ABEC 3 grade bearings may be superior to ABEC 7 bearings in certain situations.

The higher the ABEC level, the higher the standard areas will be applied. These high-rated bearings are used in high-precision instruments such as aircraft instruments and medical equipment. Bearings with lower ABEC grades will be used in many common fields, including vehicles, skateboards, and industrial machinery.

Is the abec-7 bearing good? ABEC 7 bearings are also among the higher grade bearings, so it is also able to achieve extremely high speed and smooth operation. Compared to the bearing of other grades, it can achieve the best performance in many critical and demanding applications.

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