Abec 5 Skateboard Bearings

Abec 5 skateboard bearings has higher precision grade. If abec1 and abec3 are ordinary bearings, so from abec5, we can call them high precision grade abec-5 bearing 608zz. The advantage of abec 5 roller skate bearing is reflected in higher processing precision, including higher precision of bearing rings and steel balls, which make the bearing have lower friction, faster speed and longer service life.

In skateboard field, most users use abec 5 skate bearing. The price of the bearing is not very high, but it has very good performance and can meet most requirements of users.

As a bearing manufacturer, we’d like to provide more professional data parameters for customers. There are detailed abec-5 parameters on our website, but these parameters are based on professional bearing field. If you just familiar with skateboard, you may not fully understand. Maybe you can know the source of abec-5 by Wikipedia.

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