Abec 3 Skateboard Bearings

Abec 3 skate bearings has higher precision grade than common bearing (abec-1). Frankly speaking, there are not many customers choosing abec 3 608 skateboard bearing. If customers want to have lower price, then they will choose abec-1. If customers hope to have higher performance bearing, they will choose abec-5 or higher precision grade bearing. So from a certain perspective, abec 3 skateboard bearing for longboard doesn’t have very high ratio and doesn’t possess high proportion in the abec 3 bearing 608zz  market.

As a bearing manufacturer, we’d like to provide more professional data parameters for customers. There are detailed abec-3 parameters on our website, but these parameters are based on professional bearing field. If you just familiar with skateboard, you may not fully understand. Maybe you can know the source of abec-3 by Wikipedia.

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