Instrument Bearings

201432421151559611Low friction miniature instrument bearing are used in the high-technology fields of spaceflight, precision instruments, etc.

The main features of low friction micro bearing:

  1. Usually adopt precise bearings of above ABEC5.
  2. Have a smaller friction torque, a low friction.
  3. In order to have a better antirust effect, we use a stainless steel ring, steel ball is usually stainless, and but some high-class customers like Silicon nitride ceramic balls.
  4. The clearance of miniature frictionless bearing’ should be smaller or close to 0, but should avoid the friction and bigger temperature adding caused by negative clearance’s arising.
  5. The lubrication performance has big influence on the flexibility of bearings, and most of ordinary bearings are lubricated by grease. In order to obtain the best flexibility, we can either apply grease lubricating like Shell12 which we often select, or apply bearing oven-drying which can achieve the best flexibility and the least friction of bearings. However the oven-dried bearings will produce certain noise when being applied.

Miniature ultra low friction bearing used conditions:

  1. outdoor weather instrument, leveling instrument, marking instrument and infrared instrument
  2. flowmeter
  3. fuel-control unit
  4. gyroscope, synchronous machine and sever
  5. subcooler
  6. lung assist device