Electric Motor Bearings

20143242081534729The size range of small electric motor bearing is 1 to 20 mm inner diameter. The precision grade of these small motor bearings are respectively ABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5, ABEC7. The small dc motor bearing we offer have the following features:

  1. Low noise, low vibration. All thse micromotor bearing meet the Standard EMQ, can reach the highest level of Z4 V4.
  2. Bearing ring is made from chrome steel, the steel balls usually are also use chrome, but some high-class customers like Silicon nitride balls.
  3. In order to ensure the low noise of these miniature electic motor bearing, usually we will use the best lubricating grease, such as Japanese MULTEMP SRL grease.
  4. We can choose the different seals for the brushless motor miniature bearing, including metal shielded (zz) , rubber seal (2rs).
  5. According to customer ‘s requirements, we can provide a variety of different radial clearances. Generally, customers will choose cn clearance, and many would choose c3 clearance.
  6. Deep groove radial ball bearings can bear the load from two directions, they are respectively heavy radial load and lighter axial load.

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