Introduction of Dental Bearing

With the development of the medical technology, nowadays there are many designs of dental drills available, however, each have the same basic features, including turbine, a handpiece, couplings, and a drill bit. The high speed drilling is activated by an air turbine. These devices convert highly pressurized air into the mechanical energy, enabling drill bits to rotate over 400,000 to 450,000 rpm.


The drill bit, is the most important part of the dental drill. It is short and highly durable, able to withstand high speed rotation and the heat that is subsequently generated. Its air turbine engine is sandwiched between two pieces of high speed bearing as an entire unit encased in the drill head, directly or by a series of drive shafts and gears to drive the drill bit. The bearings thus become to the crucial elements for achieving the top rotating speed. Consequently, the bearing’s precision, ring materials, structures, rolling elements, raceways, diameters and cage materials have direct impacts on the dental drills’s capabilities. To have a reliable partner of supplying dental bearings would be important to any dental drill and dental handpiece manufacturers.