8mm Skateboard Bearings

608 bearings have very wide application range. This page just introduces 608 bearings which are applied to skateboard. These precision bearing 608zz are also applied to roller skate and inline skate. If you need industrial type 608 bearings, please click here.

6 of 608 bearing represents that it is a deep groove ball bearing, 0 refers to a series of deep groove ball bearing and 8 represents that the inner diameter size is 8mm. The size specification of 608 bearing is 22mm (outside diameter), 7mm (width) and 8mm (inner diameter). Sometimes we write 608 bearing like 8x22x7mm. Of course, if customers have custom requirements, we can also do it.

The total 608 bearing comprises several balls, two rings, one retainer (nylon or steel material) and two seals. Seals’ material can be mental or rubber seals. If you choose mental seals, we can call them 608zz. If you choose rubber, we can call them 608-2rs.

Generally speaking, the material of 608 bearing is chrome steel, but we can also provide some special 608 bearing materials, including stainless steel and ceramic.

We’re the largest and best 608 bearing manufacturer in China. We can provide 2 million 608 bearings per month. At present we don’t have retail business and only do wholesale business, so I’m sorry that we only accept bulk orders.

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