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High Temperature Steel Bearings

To curb size changes and softening at high temperatures, we have changed composition and performed special heat processing and surface processing.

By applying our exclusive treatment to the special stainless steel, we have already made practical bearings that can rotate at the high temperature of 800 degrees Centigrade.

LILY Bearing has recently provided engineering and product solutions for:

  • 1. Material, AISI 52100 Steel, Alloy steel
  • 2. Temperature range : -45°F to 1400 °F
  • 3. Surface : Manganese Phosphate surface treatment
  • 4. Speed : Low Speed
  • 5. Clearance : C4 internal clearance, Increased radial clearance to compensate for thermal expansion
  • 6. Precision : ABEC-1
  • 7. Cage : Pressed steel bearing cage
  • 8. Grease : Kluber grease upto +330°C
  • 9. Seal : ZZ style (Metal shields on both ends of bearing), Viton seals, Open

Applications :

  • 1. Brick manufacturing kiln carts
  • 2. Ceramic industry kilns
  • 3. High temperautre rollers
  • 4. Steel Manufacturing
  • 5. Glass Manufacturing

Generally speaking, the bearing used for working temperature above 150 °C, we call it high temperature bearing. When the working temperature exceeds 250 ° C, we must use high temperature steel bearings. In addition to the performance of general bearings, high temperature steel bearings also have a certain high temperature hardness and high temperature wear resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature impact resistance, and high temperature stability.

In transmission machinery such as blast furnaces, metallurgy, and high-temperature equipment, high-temperature steel bearings must withstand extreme temperature differences. When the internal clearance is relatively large, the high temperature steel bearing can withstand an angular displacement of the outer race with respect to the inner race of 20-30 radians. Moreover, the clearance of high-temperature steel bearings is generally large, so that the bearing can be prevented from being caught in the case of rapid cooling. At the same time, high temperature steel bearings are also able to withstand moderate radial loads and small axial loads in both directions.

The surface of the high temperature steel bearing must also be specially treated so that it can prevent rust during operation and also improve its high temperature resistance. Moreover, high-temperature steel bearings are generally operated under low-speed operating conditions, so when selecting bearings, they should not be selected according to the rated dynamic load.

Because of these characteristics of high-temperature steel bearings, it has been widely used in various fields such as high-temperature machinery, aviation jet engines, high-speed aircraft, rockets, spacecraft, and so on.