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GKN Launches Production on Schuler Forging Line in Shanghai

By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>GKN Launches Production on Schuler Forging Line in Shanghai

GKN, the global market leader for constant velocity jointed (CVJ)sideshafts for the automotive industry, launched production on a Schuler warm forging line at its facility in Shanghai in October 2008.

The order comprises a five-station forging line with a press force of 2,000 metric tons, an NC transfer system, the die technology and die-changing system. External parts for constant velocity joints are produced on the line using a warm forming process at 720 to 900XC. Quality and precision were the key criteria for GKN in its decision to buy the Schuler equipment. GKN already launched production on a Schuler line of the same type in Brazil in October 2008. The company has numerous other Schuler presses which have been in service for several years.

The technical basis for the line is the MME2 press range, which has proved to be a highly flexible system for the production of high-quality parts and boasts long die service lives. High part quality is guaranteed above all by the line's steep kinematic gradients and special 8-track slide jib. This ensures short pressure dwell times and reduces the heat input into the die. In turn, this makes it possible to produce even complex functional surfaces in near-net-shape quality without the die material becoming brittle or burning out.

The presses of the MME2 range are available with various nominal press capacities of between 630 and 4,000 metric tons and can be used for both cold and warm forming, as well as for precision forging. The large die area makes it possible to produce complex parts with up to six die stations. The system is rounded out by an extensive range of transfer and tool-changing systems, as well as press peripherals.

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